Therapeutic appraisal of Phalatrikadi Kwatha with special reference to hepatitis

Author : Pramod Kumar Mishra, Deepika Dwivedi, N.P. Rai

Hepatitis is an inflammation of hepatic tissue. It may be acute or chronic, viral, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. With some constitutional symptoms its major effect is jaundice. Drugs with hepatoprotective property are effective in the treatment of hepatitis. So many hepatoprotective drugs have been described in ayurvedic texts for the treatment of liver diseases with reference to kamala. Clinically kamala is correlated with jaundice. ‘Phalatrikadi kwatha’- decoction of eight ingredients has been described by Chakrapanidutta for the treatment of kamala in his book on medicine- Chakradutta. Its ingredients have cholagogue, cholerectic and anti-oxidant property. It strengthens liver tissue. Kwatha is prepared by boiling crude drugs in water in ratio of 1:16 and reducing to one eighth of original quantity.

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