UV spectrophotometric determination of pimozide in bulk and tablet dosage forms

Author : M. Lohita, S. Shakirbasha, P. Jaya Preethi, D. Naresh, K. Swetha, B. Sunisitha, V. Amrutha

A simple, selective, precise and accurate UV spectrophotometric determination of pimozide in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form was developed and validated. The solvent used was methanol and detected at 268 nm at room temperature. The linear regression analysis data for the linearity plot showed good linear relationship with correlation coefficient value, R2 = 0.999 in the concentration range 5 25 g/ml with slope 0.03726, intercept 0.0003. The method was validated according to the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines for linearity, range, accuracy, precision and specificity and applied on bulk powder and pharmaceutical formulations. Pimozide was determined in sterile dosage form in range of 99.73% with 0.0243 standard deviation. The accuracy of the method was validated by recovery studies and was found to be significant and under specification limits, with % Recovery 99 101.7% (within acceptable range (95 105%).

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