Womenís infertility-A Unani Prospective

Author : Shabir Ahmad Bhat, Aysha Raza, Paras Wani, M. Shahabuddin

Reproduction is the noblest and most reverent of all human powers. God has given this precious gift to the woman. Motherhood is the cherished desire deep down in the heart of every woman. Failure to achieve conception is known as Uqr (Infertility). Even in the computer age, it is estimated that nearly 10-15% of couples are infertile in India. The ancient system of Unani medicine advocated variety of medication, which provides good results without any harmful effect. Reasons such as weight, diet, smoking, other substance abuse, environmental pollutants, infections, medical conditions, medications and family medical history could affect conception in couples. Infertility can arise from either of the partners. In men, infertility is usually because of low numbers or poor quality of sperm and occurs in a woman when she does not produce eggs regularly or because her fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked and the sperm cannot reach her eggs. ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) has been carried out such as IVF, ICSI but common people cannot afford the cost of such procedures. There are number of herbal drugs mentioned in Unani literature which are useful in infertility. In this regard the present review is aimed to provide all the necessary information regarding the effective method for treatment of female infertility in Unani system of medicine

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